Thai Lottery Results 01-07-2019 Today|Thailand Lottery Live Draw Results 1st July Thai Lottery

Thai Lottery Result 2019 Check Thailand Today Live Draw Results: Hello Lottery Participants! Today We are going to provide Complete details of Thai Lottery Result, Thailand Lottery Today Live Draw Result & Winner of Thai Lottery. Every Month Government Lottery Office (Sanambin NAm) Conducts the Thai Lottery Scheme on 1st and 16th Dates. As per the Past Reports of Thailand, First Lottery issued the Reign of King Rama V, at that time the King Granted the Royal Bodyguard Department. Permission to Operate a lottery on the Occasion of His Birthday. Now Time to Check Thai Lottery Result for 1st July 2019 Ready to See Thailand Lottery Result winner list. We advised to Applicants lets check them Out Right Now At Below Mentioned Direct links.

Thai Lottery Result 2019 |Thailand Government Lottery According to the Government Lottery Office Act

Since the Thailand Government lottery office issued the Notice lottery is a Public concern is and the main source of State revenue, It was decided that the lottery bureau become a state Enterprise with a legal Identity. This is a Thai Lottery Result Coming Draw Winner of 1st July 2019. Today Check Thailand Bumper lottery 6,000,000 Baht Winner Name and Number. Candidates who find Lottery Number at Lottery winner list and compare it to 1st July Thai Lottery Result Below. Meanwhile, if You did Not find your lucky Thai Lottery Numbers in the Prize pool Menu then Double check the Thai Lottery Result Today Prize Pool and you might Earn 40000 Baht!

Thai Lottery Draw Procedure |Check Government Lottery Office Live Updates

Lottery Board chairman Randomly selects a Colored Ball to Determine the Order of Lesser Prize Draws. Four Colored Balls signify different Prizes.

  • All Draw Member Investigate all draw Equipments throughly
  • Draw Chairman Randomly Picks up one ball (1-10) Digits at at time of Positions and Equip aeach Draw Set.
  • Once the Installation of all dra sets Complted all draw member recheck the Readlines of all draw equipments.,
  • the Chairman Select the Color Ball at a time for which prize to be Drawn or after.
  • Multipick Gen this electric machine draws 2nd and 3rd draw prizes, once draw chairman pressess start button the fan in the bottom blows tha balls. 
  • Drawing of 4th 5th prizes GLO Staffs will manually operate the number wheels by spinning them concurrently.
  • After completion of 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th prizes tha Chairman randomizes six out of nine committees for drawing last 3 digits.
  • after the Complete all the drawings prizes, officer will take all teh balls out of the Dvices to show the public all the 10 numbers was in the wheels.  >>Check Live Draw Thailand Lottery 01-07-2019<<
  1. Yellow Balls For 2nd Prize
  2. Pink Balls for 3rd Prize
  3. Green Balls for the 4th prize
  4. Blue Balls for the 5th prize.
  5. Every Round Six Digit numbers are drawn for the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Prizes. 
  6. Total Draws 65.

Thailand Lottery Result Today 01-047-2019|Government Lottery Office Rules & Conditions

PrizeQuantityValue (Baht)
1st Prize Amount16,000,000 Bahts
2nd Prize Winner amount52,00,000
3rd Prize amount1080,000
4th prize amount5040,000
5thg prize Amount10020,000
Extra Prize that is Released and Number are closes to 1st rpize21,00,000
in the first Three Digits: Draw2 Times20004,000
Last Three Digits: Draw 2 Times20004000
In Two Digits 1 Time100002,000

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